Alkaline Water Benefits & Ionizer Machines

Wondering What is an Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter System?

It has been given many names such as kangen water – alkalized water – higher ph water alkalizer filter systems and even “miracle water” by some sellers.  What they do not tell you is how it actually works, what makes it beneficial, and if there is any scientific proof to back up its purported health benefits.

First of all, you need to know what makes water ph alkaline or acidic so take a look at the chart below.

From the chart you can see that any water with a ph of 7 is considered neutral.  Anything higher than a ph of 7 is alkaline and anything lower than 7 is acidic.  Most tap water is around a ph of 6 to 8, somewhere in that range.  If you were to test common liquids like soda, alcohol, or coffee they are all very acidic with ph around 3 or 4.  Most bottled water is actually on the acidic side around a ph of 5.  The “alkaline bottle water brands” have taken advantage of consumers new found preference for alkaline ph drinking water and now make bottled alkalinized water with higher ph values of 9 – 9.5 or 10.0 even 10.5 on the bottle.

This feeds into the big misconception consumers have about alkalin ph drinking water.  People think that alkaline ph water is good for them and that the benefits are derived from its ph.  Yes, most companies that make alkaline water filter systems or bottled alkalized ph water want you to believe this and take advantage of the consumers lack of understanding, lower IQ, and desire to oversimplify scientific explanations into lamens terms.

The fact is that THERE ARE NO HEALTH BENEFITS TO DRINKING ALKALINE WATER – except maybe if you have an upset stomach, and take a tums, which does a similar thing by raising the ph in your stomach.

Many people are adding baking soda which goes by the scientific name of Sodium bicarbonate (aka SALT for all you diabetes loving people) to their tap water to make it alkaline, or their bottled water to make it alkaline because they think they are somehow magically improving their health simply by drinking this higher ph water.

Alkaline minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium, WHICH YOU CAN SIMPLY POUR INTO TAP WATER TO MAKE IT ALKALINE are some of the most abundant minerals on the Earth –making up 3.5% and 2.5% respectivelyOF THE EARTH’S CRUST BY WEIGHT – in today’s economy they are just as cheap or cheaper than sand or salt.  Companies making bottled higher ph water, and alkaline mineral adding filters know this, and they know the latest consumer “trends” and “fads” so they charge the consumer 1000’s or 10,000’s of times more money compared to a regular water filter, by simply adding these abundant alkaline minerals into their water filters and “EUREKA” the alkaline mineral adding filter is available for sale, for a premium, and so are all its marvelous health benefits.